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Friday, December 29, 2006


I spend the morning in the lab, looking at what the marine Biologists are working on. All the science here is giving us a clearer picture of climate change and its effects. The Marine ecosystem of the Antarctic is highly specialised - adapted to the low temperatures of the sea. all the organisms found here under water are highly susceptible to changes in temperature in the sea water. a rise of one or two degrees and most will perish

There is a minute form of freshwater shrimp found in the melt pools of the islands near here, it is thought that they got there on the feet of birds. Like desert organisms which can be revived when water appears, these shrimps, appear again each year after the ice melts. Scientist are trying to determine just how they do this.

The wind has changed direction and at last the pack ice is being blown out of the bay, so diving and boat travel can begin. We gather on the peer to scout for Orcas or Leopard seals, which would make diving very dangerous, and when the all clear is given I watch Jim doing his first practice dive off the peer. Later after lunch a pod of 7 Orcas are spotted in the bay, which puts paid to more diving, but the boats get within 30 metres of them. By this time I am walking around the point, making ice cairns, and an Orca surfaces 100 metres from the shore.

Skiing after dinner at 10.00 pm.

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