This is a blog of ongoing projects starting with: 1) Antarctica -Dec. 2006 - February 2007 2) Work made from the experience 2008 3) Nevada Feb. - Oct. 2008

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


2009 has been a year of recuperation and regeneration. Due to the recession a number of projects disappeared and a number of ideas did not get funding. One of the ideas was BREATH a simple looped film of a breaking wave, made in collaboration with Andy Mackinnon at Taigh Chearsabhagh in North Uist. We wanted to project this film very large onto either Battersea power station, or Tate Modern during one night in December at the start of The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Firstly Tate said "no you can't, not on our building". To project onto Battersea for one night would have been very expensive and even with a small team working on it, we failed to get any funding. The Scottish Parliament were interested, but again; no funding, We even looked at powering the film by bicycles, and moving around the city as a kind of guerilla event, but sadly it wont happen.

However the film is made and Andy and I are looking to make it into an indoor work, powered by a rowing machine. It must be possible to do, so if there is anyone who can help us, please get in touch.