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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ice in the bay

This morning all our friends from the JCR science cruise are headed home for Christmas on the newly restored Dash 7.

The light here changes all the time as the sun circles the sky in a dipping ellipse, and as storm clouds gather over the mountains. When we first got here there was a big tabular berg in the South bay where it had been grounded all winter. As the day wore on it began to move slowly out to sea. On Sunday it was on the horizon, barely visible. On Monday it had gone.
Today Tuesday, the wind has changed direction and it is heading back to us, gleaming in the evening sunlight.
It has always been my intention to film a day in the life of an iceberg, following a berg in all it's subtle changes in colour and visibility. From white sky to black, faintly ethereal to gleaming white. It looks like I will have to follow it in space as well as time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Your images and comments are wonderful, and most appreciated. I get something of a sense of being there. It does seem most elemental, with all the ice and water, in contrast with the high technology that sustains the human presence there.

I am expecting an igloo version of Star Chamber as a collective project. I am about to take out my two sons to the Dyer, to view your much celebrated piece there - featured in Sculpture Magazine, I hear. Well done. All the best, David Wood