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Friday, December 29, 2006


Fur seal

I am just considering what I might do today when I bump into Tim on the stairs. He asks me if I want to come out with him to Anchorage island - if so be ready to go in 10 minutes.

I grab cameras and some warm clothes and head for the boat hut where we don full immersion suits and life jackets - both a struggle to put on in a hurry. then we climb down into the inflatable boat and 4 of us are off at speed across the bay, dodging bergs - referred to as growlers, as that is what it sounds like if you hit even a small piece of ice. We land next to a bay packed with 30 or so elephant seals, who grunt and snort, but otherwise ignore us. Tim and I land and we head up the hill with white plastic tubs, to his fresh water ponds where he hopes to replenish his supply of shrimps.

Unfortunately the ponds are situated on the rocky spine of the island where several hundred pairs of Skuas are nesting. For the first hour the Skuas content themselves with half hearted attempts to dive bomb us. Tim collects Shrimps, I make a rock cairn, which I photograph and dismantle. The Skuas watch and cackle. They are very large birds with a long hooked beak.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found your blog / site whlie searching for something completely different - have been captivated by your photos (and your other artworks shown on the site) - Thank you for sharing this with us and I wish you the best for your time in Antartica.