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Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Hollow and the Mountains from the Observatory

We are standing on granite, the top of a small forested mountain with an Observatory at the top, where there is a barbecue going on. Storms come and go and the wind is strong. Apart from the mountains in the distance, everything was once covered in volcanic ash from Nevada - up to the height of this mountain - time has compressed some of it into a sandstone, the rest has been scoured away by the wind, including what is referred to as Big Hollow. It is probable that Bison started the erosion by scraping hollows, which were gradually enlarged by the relentless winds.


Gardener in the Distance said...

So much space and so much quiet - now. Beautiful images, Chris - thankyou.

Christopher Holdsworth said...

Absolutely amazing images. I bet it was great to experience those hills!