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Monday, September 19, 2011

Thixendale udate

If anyone notices a few gaps appearing in my work at Thixendale it is because a rights of way officer, who the council failed to consult during the planning application, has insisted that we do this.
While it is important that all rights of way be preserved, this work was commissioned to encourage walkers to use and visit the Wolds way and to enhance that enjoyment. To this end we put a huge amount of thought and physical effort into the work, complied with all the regulations, went through planning and worked with archaeologists, and consulted with local people. The work does not obstruct any right of way. If you are fit enough to walk even part of this trail, then you are fit enough to walk over a 60 cm high hump or detour 10 metres. This is pure bureaucratic pettiness, to the cost of the aesthetic line of a work of art.

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rifraf said...

I walked past it last weekend with a group of 19 ramblers and 3 dogs. We didn't see any access issues, even with the temporary fencing.