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Friday, July 25, 2008


Life in the presence of Death 11
A Partial gene sequence (559 letters) stenciled along the length of a 60’ wall, like 7 tomb stones, in Test Site earth and PVA.

559 Shelter Stones
559 stones from near Pyramid Lake, built into a random scattered arrangement of stones which group in the middle into a small fragile shelter.

Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes
A 12’ diam. wall work in dust from the museum and ashes from the burned off-cuts of The cloud Pool Chamber, in the pattern of a mushroom spore print.

Destroying Angel
6’ diam. by 12’ high
513 strands of nylon fishing twine stung between hooks from floor to ceiling and arranged in the plan pattern of a spore print, holding fragments of sage brush which go to create the 3D. clouded image of the mushroom, Amanita virosa, which of course resembles a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Cloud Pool Chamber
The reconstructed log Chamber from For-Site on the roof space of the museum, where passing white clouds from off the Sierras will be mirrored in the interior stone pool.

Touching the Eye of the Storm
A 10’ diam. drawing which mirrors the Winnemucca Whirlwind drawing in the desert, made by the accumulated earth fingerprints from visitors to the museum.

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