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Friday, February 02, 2007


My time here is coming to an end and I will be flying out on Monday 5th February. Rothera is much changed since I first arrived.
It now gets semi dark at night. Most of the snow has gone, the skuas have chicks, so are even more aggresive. It seems two eggs are hatched, and either the parents or the sibling, kill the weaker chick, so only the super strong survive.
All the snow has gone from the glacier (known as the Ramp) the other side of the runway, and any remaining snow is very slushy making skiing impossible. It has rained here twice and steam rises from the rocks. It definitely feels odd and not right. It makes me feel very uneasy about climate change.

I will keep the blog open and when work emerges from all the science and the data I have collected, I will post it. What with other work coming in I would expect to do this over the next 8 months or so.


Jord Llyonal Wilson said...

I have greatly enjoyed your blog and trip. Thanks!

Elena said...

Hi Chris! The memories of one of the greatest summers in my life include some magic momenst spent watching a wave of stone inside your camera obscura on North Uist. Now, reading through your blog, I feel quite privileged to have quite a strong real time connection to Antarctica – my partner’s just leaving Halley and has also been sharing his impressions pretty much every day for the past two months. A couple of years back we spent some time in the White Desert in Egypt – by way of some strange contradiction Antarctica reminds me a fair bit of it. Anyway…
At the moment I’m writing a paper on the way we percieve the colours of nature through art. I’m looking at this from a few different perspectives including art history, psychology, natural healing, and a bit of physics and biology. It’s focused on Andy Goldsworthy’s work, but I would be very grateful if you could share some of your impressions on what the colours of Antarctica felt like to you, or what they inspired in you…
Happy days!

Anonymous said...

I have only just found your Antarctic blog and spent a rainy Sunday afternoon trawling through and enjoying the words and images.
I am studying a Land Art lifelong learning course in Wales and have found you an inspiration. For this, many thanks