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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sky Blu

The Blue Ice runway

The distance from Rothera to Sky Blu is the same as London to Prague. By Twin Otter, you fly via Fossil Bluff (2 hours), refuel then on to Sky Blu (2.5 hours). Sky blue is the hub of BAS's deep field operation. Because it has a blue ice runway the Dash7 can land there on wheels and deliver 18 barrels of fuel for Twotter flights deeper into Antarctica. By the time you get to the Ellsworth Mountains, fuel costs the same as a malt whiskey.
Anyone staying at Sky Blue has to help load and unload planes, refuel them and keep the runway free of snow, even if it takes all night. Then you can go and make art.

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Anonymous said...

I like that idea, first the work , then you can go and make art! Bet your mind was thinking about the art all the time though!